Clean And Healthy Water,
That Your Home And Family Deserves

You Can Taste The Pureline Difference

Pureline water filters apply a natural water treatment process that helps neutralise unwanted minerals and impurities.

Our “whole home” systems protect your family from nasty contaminations provides water that is safe, clean, healthy and tastes great.

You’ll never want to buy bottled water again!

Let's Dive Deeper...

FACT: Tap Water Is Contaminated.

Water authorities use settling, coagulation, filtering and disinfecting to ensure the safety standard of our drinking water and uses disinfectant to stop the re-growth of microorganisms as the water travels through the pipe system to your home.

This means your house tap water is filled with chemicals just to keep the water safe to drink. This doesn’t mean it’s healthy!

Travelling through kilometers of aging pipes also can add traces of lead and microorganisms living in the piping system can also get caught up in the stream.

This can cause water discolouration, a foul or dirty taste and can be especially dangerous to infants.

Are you willing to expose your family to these harmful chemicals using contaminated water?

Experience Pure Quality Water

Pureline applies a simple, yet natural water treatment process that helps neutralise the adverse effects of contaminated water.

Pureline pushes your home’s main water supply through a 3-stage treatment process which provides complete filtration to all water supply points within your home.

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Whole Home Filtration Systems

3-Stage Whole Home System

The complete home treatment system, Pureline’s 3-stage filtration system is attached externally to your home.

Premium 3-Stage System

Featuring premium 20-inch cartridges for longer filtration lifespan and extending lifespan of up to 50%.

Whole Home Conditioning Unit​

Inline catalytic water treatment and descaler using electric current treatment to dramatically reduce scaling.

Reverse Osmosis System

Semipermeable membrane filtering to increase the alkalinity properties and removed lead, copper, fluoride and sodium.

* Interest Free Financing Available

Hear From Our Customers

Banksia Grove
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“The team at Pureline were an absolute delight to deal with! They spoke to me like I am a person and genuinely cared for my financial position. At first, I was a bit hesitant, but the system really saves you money from the get go and we haven’t needed to buy bottled water since it was installed last Thursday. I couldn’t be happier”
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“Working in sales myself, I know how businesses like this work, but I was pleased to deal with Levi as his non-pushy approach allowed me to take in what he was saying without feeling cornered. The whole process was a breeze and installation happened quickly and painlessly. Great product, great service.”
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“My daughter has really sensitive skin and water quality is so important to us. Being able to get rid of our benchtop filter and not needing to worry about maintenance or anything is amazing! I wish we knew about this earlier it would have saved us hundreds of dollars already.”
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“No more bottled water, no more filters on my taps, I could honestly bottle my tap water and sell it now. Best thing I ever did.”
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“These guys are great, you get a call straight after you’ve spoken with someone and they confirm everything and let you know who’s coming to see you. You’re dealing with Aussies and its all WA owned and it makes me feel good knowing I am a supporting a local business.”

Save Your Health And Your Wallet

You can save hundreds of dollars every year just by installing a Pureline whole home filtration system into your house.

Built For Australia

Pureline has partnered with local Australian manufacturers to specially design our systems for local water treatment.

Our external filter enclosures are made to withstand the harsh Australian climate and built to last for 25+ years with a lifetime warranty.

We are also proudly Australian owned and operated.

* Interest Free Financing Available

FREE Water Analysis

Do you know what level of harmful chemicals may be in your home’s water supply? Your water may contain lead, chlorine and disease killing chemicals that is collected through old pipes and water treatment processes which also affects the taste.

Find out for sure with our free water analysis.


What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water. In reverse osmosis, an applied pressure is used

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